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A World of Difference

A World of Difference Poster
Directed by: Robin Newell & Simon Smithers
Written by: Sam Pollard
Produced by: Damien Reilly, Kate Louise Ingham, Colin Seeger, Simon Smithers & Sam Pollard
Starred by: Sam Pollard, Patrick Legg & Nick Gilbert
Country: Australia
Category: The Golden Light House Award for Best Documentary Film


A film that takes place in the Australian Outback. Follow the journey of Sam Pollard as he cycles 4000km from Sydney, New South Wales, to Busselton, Western Australia. He crosses the Nullarbor Plains and goes on to compete in the Busselton Triathlon IronMan Championship.

Set to Sam’s original independent rock music soundtrack, ‘A World of Difference’ is for dream-seekers, for cycling-enthusiasts, for adventurers who love pushing self-limits to reach unforgettable goals. It shows the great Australian Outback, its characters and extraordinary countryside.

Sam Pollard, in partnership with Planet Blue Pictures, brings this journey to your screen in the feature documentary ‘A World of Difference’. Riding 4000km across Australia takes physical toughness, mental strength and perseverance – it’s one hell of a ride!

Director Biography - Robin Newell, Simon Smithers

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