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Another Story

Another Story short film poster
Directed by: Luis Jorge Mujia Duarte
Written by: Luis Jorge Mujia Duarte
Produced by: Andrea Noske & Danny García
Starred by: Leonardo Benítez, Yeny Soria, Bárbaro Marin, Csar Domínguez & Susel Benavides
Country: Cuba
Category: The Golden Light House Award for Best Short Film


Fredy, a young visual artist, (37 years old) is leading a career that many young Cubans would like to have, however, he is not happy with his achievements, since most of them think that they are the result of his father Rafael's money and influences and not his own talent.
Fredy works hand in hand with his father and Lorena, who is also his lover and madly in love with him. Fredy travels to Holguín to be part of an exhibition. There he meets Sandra, immediately their gazes are connected, love at first sight. Sandra desires to start a new life with Fredy, learns the trade and moves to Havana, replacing Lorena. Sandra becomes pregnant and decides to go to Holguín to visit her mother. On that fateful day: May 18, 2018, the Cubana Flight 972 where Sandra was traveling to the province of Holguín lost its stability at take-off and crashed near the Jose Marti Airport. The tragic event affected everyone in some way, but Fredy could not cope with it, he struggles all the time with a feeling of guilt that he cannot surmount: He never painted again, only alcohol and marijuana can comfort him. Some people said that sometimes they heard him in his studio talking to Sandra. One morning Fredy tries to take his own life, his best friend Claudio arrives a few seconds early. Claudio says that he saw Fredy caressing an imaginary person before dying.

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