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Final Vow

Final Vow Movie Poster
Directed by: Ruben Islas
Written by: Ruben Islas, Christina Urias & Danforth Comins
Produced by: Adan Garay, Ruben Islas, Yeniffer Behrens & Mauricio Mendoza
Starred by: Christina Urias, Luis Gatica, & Oscar Torre
Country: Mexico
Category: The Golden Light House Award for Best Feature Film


A nun with a mysterious past navigates the realities of working in an orphanage and the mission of placing children into caring homes. Her affiliation with Talitha Kum, an organization of nuns dedicated to the fight against human trafficking, aids her as she is pulled deeper into the dark underbelly of her local surroundings. As chaos develops, her past and present collide in a dangerous mixture that threatens both herself and the children she is sworn to protect.

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