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The Soldier

The Soldier Short Film Poster
Directed by: Matteo Faccenda
Written by: Matteo Faccenda
Produced by: Lorenzo Borghini & Alessio Di Naro
Starred by: Cesar Dominguéz, Bárbaro Marín, Carlos Massola, Luis Jorge Mujía Duarte, Yimit Ramírez, Carlos Gonzalvo, Reinier Morales & Lola Amores.
Country: Cuba
Category: The Golden Light House Award for Best Short Film


In the heart of the forest, the soldier, Mario, trembles as he raises his rifle. He hesitates, closes his eyes, and finally pulls the trigger. Many years later, Mario awakens from a haunting memory. In his recollection, he observes himself aiming his gun with unwavering resolve, never flinching or closing his eyes before squeezing the trigger. He vividly recalls the face of the person standing before him – a face that was undeniably human.

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