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Ruben Islas: Revolutionizing Filmmaking with Creative Brilliance

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Ruben Islas, a multifaceted talent hailing from Los Angeles, embarked on a journey that seamlessly blended academia with artistic brilliance. Armed with a degree in Dramatic Literature from UCSD, Islas laid the foundation for a career that would see him evolve into a prominent figure in the film industry.

Ruben Islas Headshot
Courtesy of Grandave Capital

By Gerardo Saenz

December 22, 2023 - 2:00 PM EST

His early years were marked by a profound engagement with the arts, driven by an unwavering passion for theatre. The world of acting, producing, and writing for national commercials in television and film opened doors, providing a glimpse into the vast landscape of storytelling. However, it was the realm of filmmaking that beckoned Islas, fueling his lifelong dream.

In the tapestry of Islas's cinematic contributions, Grandave Capital emerges as a powerful thread. This entertainment finance company, with a Latino focus, bears the imprint of Islas's commitment to diversifying and enriching storytelling. His influence extends beyond the financial realm, as he plays a pivotal role in the production of noteworthy films.

Ruben Islas's filmography is a testament to his creative prowess. "Righteous Thieves," featuring Lisa Vidal and Jaina Lee Ortiz, stands out with its compelling narrative. "Divorce Bait," "7th & Union" with Omar Chaparro, and "In Other Words" showcase Islas's versatility as a writer and producer. Each project, a stroke on the canvas of his evolving artistic vision.

The cinematic landscape, under Islas's guidance, witnessed the creation of impactful films, including "The Card Counter" with Oscar Isaac, Paul Schrader, and Martin Scorsese, "Paradise City" with Bruce Willis and John Travolta, "Force of Nature" with Emile Hirsch and Mel Gibson, and the Venice Film Festival award-winning "Jokers" in 2022.

Grandave Capital's influence extends to sales representation, with Islas taking on the role of sales agent for "My Tender Matador," a participant in the Venice Film Festival 2021.

Ruben Islas's journey through filmmaking wasn't confined to writing and producing. His deep-seated passion for storytelling impelled him to step into the director's shoes. The debut film, "Final Vow," didn't just materialize; it was a concept that dawned upon Islas in a dream. Extensive development and research shaped this vision into an artful and impactful film, a testament to Islas's directorial prowess.

Ruben Islas Picture
Courtesy of Ruben Islas

Beyond the glitz of the film industry, Ruben Islas shared profound insights in an interview with Gerardo Saenz. One standout piece of advice echoes with simplicity and depth: "just get out of your own way." In this candid conversation, Islas delves into the importance of dismantling self-imposed barriers, embracing authenticity, and facing challenges fearlessly.

Islas's words serve as a guiding light for aspiring filmmakers. The call to shed inhibitions, embrace authenticity, and view setbacks as stepping stones to growth resonates with the spirit of innovation and resilience that defines a successful creative journey.

In weaving together the tapestry of Ruben Islas's cinematic odyssey, from the halls of academia to the director's chair, one finds a narrative marked by passion, diversity, and an unwavering commitment to the art of storytelling. As Islas continues to shape the landscape of contemporary cinema, his journey stands as an inspiration for those who dare to dream, create, and, above all, get out of their own way.

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